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     The Wildgames (april 24th and 25th 2009)

Day 1
The second edition of The Wildgames started with bright sunshine and a nice light breeze.
After the registration I decided to rig my formulaset (Gunsails Mega XR 9.9 and SB 160).
The wind was under 13 knots, so we started with a funrace, back to back.
In the first heat I had a good start and finished 7th. In the second heat there were a few competitors were standing still at the line. I couldn't find
a hole in the pack so I had a very bad start and after a strong comeback I finished 9th.
A small break made it possible to recharge the batteries.
In the 3th heat I had a fantastic start, I arrived 4th at the first mark. Unfortunately the wind dropped and I had to make an extra tack before the 2nd mark.
So I finished 5th, great result.
The wind started to built up so I quickly rigged my slalomset (Tabou 69 and Gunsails Mega xs 7.4). Together with Jeffrey (BEL 6) we arrived 20 seconds to late for the start of heat 4. The wind remained good and with a great boardspeed I finished 10th.

After the second break, the wind built up and the race director made the call. Two official races! In the first heat I had a bad start, to many non-competitors
blocked the line. I got jammed in the pack and I finished 14th. There was
no time to waist, the next race was already announced. This time I started at the boat, I was in the perfect place when a guy came in full speed and almost hit the boat. He dropped his sail on the guy above me, and he touched me.
I could hold my balance but lost the grip on the leaders, a 13the place was the result.

Day 2
No wind, no games.

At the end I had a good feeling. Next week we have the Belgian Championship formula and slalom at the Grevelingendam. Let's go for it.