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      BC Grevelingendam (May 1st and 2nd 2010)
      First day of the first stop of the new racing season was nice day of racing.       after the inscription ...(read more)

     SANTA POLA World Championships 2009
     (September 12th till 19th 2009)
 The trip to Santa Pola was not a big succes and bad luck kept following
     me. On arrival in Santa Pola...
(read more)

   BC Grevelingendam (De Punt)
     (august 29th and 30th 2009)
 High wind was predicted and we got it ... (read more)

   BC Oostende (May 9th and 10th 2009)
     Saturday, the sun was shining but the wind didn't show up. Hopefully
     we receive
...(read more)

   BC Grevelingendam (May 2nd and 3th 2009)
     Friday, the first of May, I arrived at the eventsite for an afternoon      training. Although the wind was very light we gave it try.
     After a lot of
(read more)

   The Wildgames (April 24th and 25th 2009)
      The first stop of the 3 GAMES tour.
      The second edition of The Wildgames started with bright sunshine and
      a nice light breeze.
      After the registration I decided to rig my formulaset (read more)



 11/04/10 : First wet training of the year  with my new formulagear. Tested the sails  and LWR

 01/05/10 : First BC event of the year

 05/05/10 : Report BC Grevelingendam  online