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      My name is Kenny de Jager. This website is about my passion,       windsurfing.
      During the year I'll try to keep the site updated with new reports
      and pictures of the races..
      If you want to leave a message to me, just click on my e-mailaddress       in "the dude" section.
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      23/05 till 26/05/2012
      European Championship Slalom in Rosas (Spain)
      Together with NED 69 (Jordy Vonk) I arrived on the 20th in Rosas in
      the pouring rain and cold temperature. We sailed from the 23rd
      till 26/05 several heats but the last day the wind dropped and so the
      the final could not be sailed. I had 3 masts broken due to the heat of
      the sun but afterall I had a great time. I learned a lot and will be in
      shape at the next event in Holland. I ended up on the 42nd place
      of a total of 49 competitors. Next year will be better.
      Pics click here.

      First watertraining of the season @ the Brouwersdam. Testing the       new 8.7 mega xs on the Isonic 117.










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