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     WC Santa Pola 2009 (September 12th till 19th 2009)

Trip to Allicante
The trip to Allicante was not a big succes. The people of the groundcontrol
would not take my FW board on the plane so I had to book a flight on
another plane (from another company) and pay cash. I had no choice so
so I paid. Upon arrival in Santa Pola I discovered that my board had
severe damage on the rail during travel. Luckely I found someone who
got it repaired on time for the race. In the mean time I practised on a
prototype board (EXOCET) of Gonzalo Costa Hoevel.

Day 1
In the morning there was sunshine and no wind. At 14.00 hours suddenly
out of nowhere wind came up to about 10 knots. Everybody went on the
water with 11 and 12 m. But at the time the startprocedure was in progres
it was already 15 to 17 knots with gusts up to 20. I remained on the water
with my 11m and it was survival all the way to the finish. Unfortunately I
thought I had to finish between the blue flag and the boat. It turned to be
wrong. The finishline was between the blue flag and the beach. so I got a
DNF. Stupid mistake of me.
The second race the wind was still blowing with gusts up to 23 knots.
i decided to take my 9.9 m but this time I had a bad start and had to try to
climb up. I had no chickenstrap so this was very difficult to do (Even Gonzalo
had to use his chickenstrap on the downwind course).
I ended up on a very disappointed 70th place.
The third race the sky went very black and a storm was coming our side.
First the racecomittee let us start but it was a general recall and during the
next startprocedure they ordered everybody to go to the shore.

That was day 1 - no more racing that day and for me a disappointed result.
Tomorrow must be better.

Day 2
Day 2 started with no wind. In the afternoon at 14.30 wind got up and was
building up till 15 knots but also were the thunderclouds. We started race 1 and I was out with my 10m as I thought the wind would increase more but
it didn't. So I ended 65 which was already better than yesterday. In the
second race I went out with my 11m and had a really good start. This time
I finished 52. The 3rd race I was going to the startline in a good position as
suddenly POL 1 parked himself on the boat and under me there were also
3 surfers so I had no way out. Bye bye good start. I could only try to reduce
my loss and unfortunately in the last straight line to the finish I got a plastic
bag around my fin who reduced my speed dramaticly so I ended 71st.
Bad luck keeps following me. Afterwards there were no more races as a next
storm was coming up and filled the streets with a lot of water.

Day 3
Again, the day started with no wind at all. Chilling at the beach. At 15.00 the racecommitee send us on the water but the wind kept decreasing to below 8 knots. The let us wait on the startingline and after 10 minutes the racedirector decided to give it a go and we all went pumping overt the line.
I had a very good start and got over the startingline with the 15 first riders.
But the rest was standing still and the racedirector called us to the shore.
For the rest of the day there was no more racing.

Day 4
A lot of wind was predicted for today. Something about 17 knots but at the
at the start of the first race de wind was already up to 15 knots. I got a killer start by passing the startline in third position but there was a general recall. Meanwhile the wind kept increasing and at the second start sequence wind was already 22 knots with gusts up to 27 knots. There were waves in the open water between 1.5m and 2m. I decided to go back to the shore together with a lot of other riders. These were not my type of conditions and I thought it was better to spare myself and the material for day 5. The racecomittee had to start a security control as several riders were lost at sea. Meanwhile wind increased up to 30 knots with gusts up to 35 knots. The raceleader decided to call it the day. So no more racing today which I found very smart and also in my favour.