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     BC Grevelingendam (May 2nd and 3th 2009)

Day 1
Friday, the first of May, I arrived at the eventsite for an afternoon training. Although the wind was very light we gave it try. After a lot of pumping I could plane a few times.

Day 2
Saturday, the first day of competition, we had registration at 10.30. Together with our Dutch neighbours we had skippersmeeting at 11.00.
We were on hold till 14.00 then we tried to start the first race. Halfway trough the race, the wind dropped. The race was cancelled by the
The wind did not increase later on so there were no more races that day.

Day 3
Sunday, the forecast predicted wind. After the traditional chat from the director they decided to start racing.
When I arrived at the startboat, they told me the wind was around 10 knots. Because they had some problems with the bouys we had to wait on the startingline.
I feld the wind was increasing. After the first race I sailed back and made some quick changes to my set. I asked the race crew for the windspeed at that time on the first mark. The awnser was 20 knots with gusts upto 25!! Hardcore racing !!!
After some protests of the competitors, the belgians switched to slalom. In the first heat I had a killing start. I arrived second at the first mark.
I could keep my position till the last gybe were the stress was to much. I fell in the water and had to waterstart. I lost some places but after
a comeback in the last reach I made it to the final.
In the final, again a good start, there were a few guys over early. So restart, this time everyone was on the same place at the start. After an exciting final I finished 7th.