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     BC Grevelingedam (May 1st and 2nd 2010)

Day 1

First day of the first stop of the new racing season was nice day of racing. After the inscription I immediately started rigging my 10.9 and 9.9 Mega Xr sails because the wind was already there. Blowing around 10-12 knots. I took my 10.9 and the new Starboard LWR and got out. We started, together with our Dutch friends, for a back to back race.
I had an ok start at the pin were I was surprised to see a rescue boot sitting in the racing field to make pictures. Lost my good angle but immediately recovered with good speed and angle going upwind. I was fighting with Yves (BEL8) the whole race but got punished in the last downwind mark. Yves was showing some great speed there. But still a 7th place (Belgian standing) is good for me.
In the second race same picture, but this time my start was better!! I had a good angle going upwind but lost some places by making some small technical errors. (eg: making to many meters). Again I finished behind Yves on a 8th place.

After a small break we got out again. I took my 9.9 because I thought the wind was increasing for a minute. BAD choice !!! The wind dropped hard and I was happy to see the race cancelled.

Day 2

Sunday was a horrible weather day. Cold, lots of rain and lots of wind !!! We started again with 3 back to back races in winds that was increasing to +20 knots. I was going super good with my 9.9. I was very concentrated to make sure that my starts were good to try and take one more place in the ranking. And so I did finishing 5th and 6th in the first 2 races of the day was feeling really good. In the third race I was doing good but saw that my baseplate was moving and didn’t want to take any risks and sailed back to the side.
After some discussion the race committee decided to change from formula to slalom. The wind was going up and down and we tried to start but in the end no luck and no result.

In the end I can look back to a great first event this year. With a 7th place, it really motivates to go and push it even harder. Next stop 22-23-24 of may at Duinbergen !!
I would like to thank my sponsors : Gun Sails , RTR and Liquidsurfshop for there support.